Always Working For Us!


Later this year voters will be casting ballots. I ask for your support to continue representing the 5th District on Richmond City Council. For the past 3 1/2 years,  I have made City Council a full-time job. I have regularly attended civic association meetings, church worships, and hosted town hall meetings and neighborhood clean-ups. I have been actively engaged in an open dialogue with residents about issues important to them. I have acted responsibly, responsively, and resourcefully to these matters.

Knowledge is power.  Therefore, I am studious in my public service and continuously strive to make the best informed decisions. I read the legislation and contracts proposed by the City Administration. I discuss the pros and cons with diverse stakeholder groups. I ask questions to gain clarity of the goals and objectives of certain proposals. I make recommendations on ways to strengthen proposals and improve the process. I do not shy from opposing a proposal if it does not serve the best interest of the City. I also am proactive at introducing new legislation to meet the needs of 5th District residents.

The public has a right to know how their elected representatives are acting on their behalf.  Therefore, I have been a staunch advocate for transparency. I have recommended that the City Administration post its check registry online and publish webpages that feature all of the documentation for capital projects in excess of $5 million. I have also been supportive of the City Clerk’s Office use of new online record systems that allow more detailed information about City Council agendas and ordinances to be publicly available. This transformation included live streaming of City Council meetings as well as publishing of their audio and video recordings.

I represent all constituents equally and fairly. I have been creative in addressing the big challenges facing Richmond such as generational poverty and revenue to provide for City services. I believe that we can address many of the problems simply by reforming how City Hall operates and distributes its limited resources. I have provided solutions that create the greatest positive results. For example, I set aside $25,000 in the City’s budget to build bike racks rather than purchase them from a vendor. This funding developed a successful welding certificate program that has graduated more than 20 individuals (several of whom were recruited from the City Jail) earning more than $18 per hour. I advocated for a water conservation program whereby the Department of Public Utilities would make affordable loans with on-bill financing to upgrade inefficient plumbing fixtures. I am currently developing a solution that allows community service assignments to pay-off court fines and fees in an effort to reduce the cost burden of the underemployed.

By uniting the efforts of residents and continuing to represent your voice, we are stronger advocates for our community. I am blessed to have support from many people in the 5th district. I look forward to building on these existing relationships and forming new ones to help move Richmond forward.

I am honored to have been endorsed by the Richmond Association of Realtors, Richmond Coalition of Police, Richmond Education Association, Richmond Firefighters Association I.A.F.F. Local 995, the Central Virginia Labor Federation, and the Richmond City Democratic Committee.


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